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  1. Spawn with Shaders on. Photos by @DefaltPanda
  2. I use the following. Tracers for players ESP on entities and players xRay from time to time when mining Auto eat Fast break Nofall What do you use?
  3. I just tried out WWE recently after Aristois stopped launching for some reason and I have to say it's pretty good too.
  4. Here you go folks! Share those custom banners. I have seen quite a few in game already and they honestly look amazing. Post them here so everyone can see and know who you are
  5. They just released another animation.
  6. The title say's it all. How long have you been playing Minecraft for? To be honest I have been on and off on Minecraft, came back recently thanks to COVID-19 and being stuck at home. How about you?
  7. Nous

    Server Event Ideas

    For lack of interest in server based events this topic is now closed.
  8. Post any server pictures you have with shaders on. One of my bases with Shaders on:
  9. Found this useful Creeper farm on YouTube. Now make all the Gunpowder you need for TNT. I'm not sure but I think @NoVaAyala did something like this in one of his old bases with @DefaltPanda right?
  10. Nothing but 'em MeMeS! Keep 'em coming!
  11. Hmm, I've never had any issues running Aristois it just worked out of the box for me. Has most of the hacks I use. I would love to try out Impact some time although I got to pay like $5 for it. Any other free clients I should post in this thread?
  12. @NoVaAyala If you've got time you should do a quick tutorial on how to use shaders in the Creeper Lounge category. Tbh I've never used Shaders before and would like to learn how to use them
  13. Yeah the animations they do are beyond mind blowing! I hope they do a part 2 for Songs of War.
  14. What more can you ask for? Download Link: Planet Minecraft P.s: This texture pack only works with Diamond armor.
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