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  1. Shaders on the destruction made, makes it so beautiful and shows history of how far we came from day 1. Shaders used in the photos, - Slidurs shaders Lite Download Link: https://sildurs-shaders.github.io/
  2. WWE works great and better than wurst. the wurst client is annoying because it shows the copyright symbol like half the screen. I used to use aritois but ye, the client kept crashing for 15.2 for now im using WWE.
  3. Probably my favorite default resource packs in minecraft, works smoothly and the blocks are just crystal clear to your own eye. For example if you place down stone bricks it looks so amazing and clean. Download link version 1.15 : https://faithful.team/faithful-1-15/
  4. That animation is epic honeslty just so EPIC.
  5. Dayum that mansion, truely an amazing build to see and look luxury af XD. Id like to see how the interior would turn out. the shaders bring out the pop in the mansion. @NoVaAyalacan i know what shader pack you are using?
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